Welcome to IRIS 15:
Facts and Figures

This website will offer you an overview of the IRIS Certification’s recent developments and current state of affairs as we mark 15 years since its establishment by the European rail industrial companies gathered under the umbrella of UNIFE.

IRIS 15: Facts and Figures provides insights into the IRIS Certification system, allowing you to browse a large selection of data intend to further increase its transparency.

On this website you will find information concerning 4 categories:

  • IRIS Certified companies displays information about certified companies and their profiles over the system’s lifespan
  • Audit Scoring showcases the IRIS Certification audit score evolution per company types, chapters, Quality Performance Levels and more
  • Corrective Actions focuses on the shortcomings in quality management systems defined during the IRIS Certification audits and steps to overcome them
  • Auditors and Certification Bodies will bring you detailed information on auditors and certification bodies approved to perform IRIS Certification audits

Browse through the data to learn more about the IRIS Certification scheme and its development over the years.