IRIS Certified Companies

In just 15 years, IRIS has grown into a certification system that gathers more than 2000 quality-focused companies. First established in Europe, IRIS has spread throughout the world, becoming the de facto management system standard for the railway sector today. It is present on all continents and in more than 50 countries. It has been extremely encouraging to see that the interest towards becoming IRIS Certified has not decreased throughout the existence of the scheme as new companies constantly register to the IRIS Portal and later become IRIS Certified.

Navigate this page to see the evolution of IRIS Certified companies. The information is organised by metrics such as company size, scope, product, origin and more. This section also introduces the evolution of IRIS Portal’s active users as an indication for potential future growth in certifications.

Evolution of IRIS Certificates and IRIS Portal active companies

The number of IRIS Certificates has been on a rise since its launch in 2006. It is noteworthy that the growth has been stable throughout the system’s lifespan - minor setbacks were only recorded in 2018 due to the IRIS transition phase and, later in 2020, due to the COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, it is encouraging to see the high number of companies registered in the IRIS Portal. High number of registrations indicates potential growth in the issuing of certificates in the future.

Evolution of the number of IRIS Certified companies by product and activity

Companies striving for IRIS Certification can choose between 20 products (or scopes), categorised under three different activities (i.e., design and development, maintenance and manufacturing). Companies can also choose to be certified across multiple categories.


for activities: design and development, maintenance and manufacturing

Issued IRIS Certificates per country and continent

The map below details the number of IRIS Certificates issued worldwide.
Continent Certified companies Number of countries with at least 1 certificate