Audit Scoring

A key element of the IRIS certification’s success is the transparency of both the scheme and the awarding process. Throughout the years, IRIS Certification has proved its value through reliable audit scoring that objectively assesses companies’ quality management systems. Audit scores are of great value in depicting the sector’s state of affairs, allowing a better understanding of its strengths and challenges.

IRIS Certification offers the unique possibility to differentiate the quality performance of individual companies through the implementation of three Quality Performance Levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. This scoring method creates further incentives for companies to strive towards higher quality objectives, enhancing the quality of the whole rail sector.

See below the IRIS Certification audit score evolution – divisible by chapters, sub-chapters, countries, Quality Performance Levels and more. This section also includes a survey conducted among IRIS Certified companies about their knowledge of the scheme and its requirements.

Audit Score Evolution

See below the evolution of IRIS Certification audit scores through 15 years

As the number of issued certificates rose, it was expected to see a decrease in the global average score until 2014. However, with the introduction of IRIS Certification Quality Performance Levels, the average has now been increasing for the last 7 years as companies are further incentivised to achieve higher performance evaluations during their audit.

The chart below illustrates the global average score evolution, as well as average scores for 6 countries with the highest number of issued certificates - Germany, France, Italy, Spain, China and Russia. This can be compared with the average scores achieved by companies awarded Bronze and Silver level certificates.

Score evolution per country

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Score evolution per level

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Average audit score per chapters and sub-chapters

IRIS Certification audits are scored under 7 chapters and 45 sub-chapters. Discover the average audit scores per chapters and sub-chapters in the wheel below. The evolution of scores per chapter and sub-chapter can be observed over time by changing the year setting.

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Performance evaluation scoring

In the following graph, you can see the audit results categorised per performance evaluation scores. You can compare the global scores with the performance evaluation scores of companies who achieved Bronze and Silver Quality Performance Levels.


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How would you estimate your knowledge and understanding of the ISO/TS 22163 requirements?

To better understand the challenges companies are facing when striving towards the IRIS Certificate, the IRIS Management Centre conducted a survey among companies registered on the IRIS Portal to assess their knowledge and understanding of the ISO/TS 22163 requirements. See below the global results and results per company size (i.e., large, medium and small).

Global results

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Results per company size

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